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Planning your Civil Partnership - the legalities

Civil Partnership ceremony
We all know that planning your big day is about as exciting as it gets, but I won’t lie – there are a few details that can only be seen as BORING!!!

Let’s face it, no one wants to be bogged down with the legalities of their special day, when really all you are interested in, is having an amazing time!

With this in mind, here is a summary of all the essentials, so you can get the technical stuff out of the way and concentrate on the important stuff, like who is invited and what you’ll be wearing!!

Number one:

You need to make sure you are actually eligible for a Civil Partnership!

You must:

a.) be a same-sex couple
b.) not already be in a Civil Partnership or Marriage
c.) be 16 or over
d.) not be closely related to one another

Number two:

Your Civil Partnership can take place between 8am and 6pm on any day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, at a licensed location.

Number three:

You must give notice of your intent to form a Civil Partnership at least 15 days (14 days in Scotland) before the service takes place.

You do this by contacting your local register office (find your local office here: and making an appointment.

At the meeting you will be seen separately and will need to provide identification, along with proof that you have been living in the UK for at least 7 days.

Once you have given notice, it will last one year – so don’t get swept up in the excitement and give notice as soon as you are engaged, if you are planning a mammoth engagement!

Number four:

Although you give notice at your local register office, you are “married” by an official from the register office in the area you choose to marry in. So, once you have chosen a date and location, you must make sure the registrar is free before you commit to anything – you don’t want to be faced with major disappointment, by booking everything else and leaving this ‘til last.

That’s pretty much all there is to it – not as bad as you though, hey!

It’s really quick and easy and, once it’s out of the way, you can drown yourselves in all the other preparations – the fun bits that make the day so wonderful!